Dress Code

On the course

Denim or denim-like wear, track suits, trainers, sun tops (ladies), shirts without collar or sleeves (men) and the wearing of trousers inside socks unless they are specifically designed for this purpose (Plus 2’s etc) are not allowed.

In the Clubhouse

Smart casual wear is allowed in the clubhouse, including smart jeans and sensible trainers, as well as the golf attire worn on the course, with the exception of golf shoes.

No caps, tracksuits, swimwear, workwear, waterproofs or flip flops allowed in the clubhouse at any time.

Socks must be worn with trainers/shoes and shorts.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones must be switched off or in “silent” mode whilst on the course. Visitors wishing to make an outgoing call must leave the public areas of the clubhouse to do so.